Anna became a cycling enthusiast after her brother invited her to take a "leisurely bike ride" one Saturday afternoon 10 years ago. Thirty-three miles later, she was hooked. Her affinity for spinning came naturally as an avenue to inspire and coach others to improve their fitness levels and cycling ability. Certified by Real Ryder and Madd Dog Athletics, Anna has been instructing spin classes for almost two years. A genuine athlete at heart, Anna is passionate about spinning as a vehicle to a healthy mind, body and spirit. She believes that the challenge indoor cycling presents pushes people to test their physical and personal limits. Her philosophies as a coach and instructor are grounded in the belief that everyone can achieve their fitness goals provided they have a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment in which to develop their skills.

Certifications: Real ryder certification, Mad Dogg Athletics certification, AEA aquatic fitness certification, CPR.

The real ryder bike has made such an impact in my own physical fitness therefore nothing feels better to me than knowing that I am teaching something that I truly believe in at Nexus cycle. I have a special affinity for new riders, to show them that anybody can do this crazy, addicting and fun class!

Fitness Motto/Philosophy: Be stronger than your excuses!

Keri just recently moved down to Florida from Plainview, New York. She has always loved being a part of the fitness world. This has been a passion of hers for more than 20 years along with being an Elementary School teacher. Just as she loved seeing the growth in her students at school academically, she equally enjoys motivating her clients to transform their bodies and increase fitness levels. Keri strives to make every workout fun, challenging and efficient. She enjoys getting to know her clients and tailoring sessions for each class, whether they have never been to a gym before or have been training for years. As a group fitness instructor and former Elementary Education teacher, she brings excitement and creativity to her workouts. Keri's goal is to help clients reach their fitness goals with sustainable, balanced and healthy lifestyle changes. Ever since she started with the Real Ryder bikes, she said she would never ride any other bike. It engages your core throughout the ride and it's a fun workout. She holds her certifications from Real Ryder, MADD Dog Spinning, TRX, AFAA Group Fitness, Pilates and Yoga on the Ball Training from AFAA and Personal Training.
Kristine has been personal training and teaching indoor cycling for almost 20 years.  Her passion for fitness started in her teens and has never slowed down. She earned a BS degree in Health Science and later became a personal trainer. As she states "My dream has always been to help people live a more active and fit lifestyle". Kristine brings an enthusiastic attitude while also tailoring each session for all fitness levels. Kristine holds a certification in a number of areas including, NASM, Real Ryder, TRX small group training, TRX functional training. She also graduated with a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science. 
Opening Nexus Cycle Fitness studio with her husband is a dream come true for her. "Nexus is a place where everyone is welcomed regardless of their fitness level. I want our clients to always leave happy and committed to their goals. I never want clients to leave feeling disappointed in themselves or the workout."
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