After two decades of indoor cycling on stationary bikes, or spinning, a completely new concept and design has emerged. Experience an innovative and unique cycling class with RealRyder Indoor Cycles. Finally you can train in a way that is both fun and functional, while working out your entire body on an indoor bike. This is the way our bodies are designed to move.

The RealRyder Indoor Cycle turns, tilts, and leans as you ride, providing the sensation of an outdoor road bike. As you move through a range of dynamic movements, you get a more comprehensive and functional total body workout. Imagine utilizing your upper and lower body, as well as activating essential core muscles all in a 45 minute indoor cycling class.

Whether you want to kick start a new exercise habit, spark change in your body to lose those last few pounds, or gain a competitive edge in athletics, come experience the new sensation in indoor group cycling to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Propel your body to the next level with Nexus Cycle Fitness Center certified RealRyder trainers.

Ask yourself this: Do you want to increase you endurance and stamina? Do you want to build upper and lower body strength while activating your core muscles the entire time you ride? Do you want to burn 20% MORE calories per hour than normal stationary bikes?


Each and every year doctors, scientists, and virtually all experts in the field of health, fitness and wellness study the effects of strength training on the human body. Their results are predictably similar with every study. Strength training increases muscle mass and bone density, which simply means stronger muscles and stronger bones. Increased muscle mass increases the basal metabolic rate, which in turn causes the human body to burn more calories. That leads to sustained weight loss, increased energy, improved mood, and increased libido. Sounds too good to be true? Not according to numerous published studies and countless fitness professionals.

 Strictly Strength Training is our idea of group fitness- 8 people and 1 trainer. Not 12 to 1, not 24 to 1. This gives us the oportunity to truly personalize a 45 minute workout that will push you to your limits. Core training and total body functional strength training emphasizing proper form and technique. Optimized for every fitness level, free from judgement and intimidation, filled with encouragement as your only competition is the person looking back at you in the mirror.

Experience the newest and coolest functional strength training and fitness equipment: TRX, BOSU, NuBells, Medicine Balls, body bars, kettle bells, and RealRyder Indoor Cycles.